Dr. Mohit Malik


Dr Mohit Malik

Dr. Mohit Malik MD. (Homeopathy) comes from a lineage of profoundly qualified instructors and doctors. Within a span of six years of his practice in the field, he has gathered immense exposure and experience which has empowered him to treat deep-seated pathological diseases as well as genetic mutations.


Having the opportunity to be born and brought up under the able guidance of highly qualified parents, Mr. Sat Prakash Malik (M.com, M.Ed.) and mother Mrs. Neelam Malik (M.A, M.Ed.),  Dr. Mohit Malik since his childhood has been a keen learner and never taken a back seat when it comes to experimenting.


An extraordinary academician throughout his life, he graduated from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Homeopathic Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab, India in 2008, and then pursued his post-graduation in 2013 from S.K.H.M.C, Beed, Maharashtra . Not long after from that point onward, he began helping famous senior homeopaths of Delhi like Dr. O. P. Malik and Dr. Kamal Malik. Having the capacity to nurture himself under such experienced individuals, he has learned the art of prescribing by virtue of physiognomy and has mastered it well.


Dr. Mohit Malik also had the privilege to assist one of the eminent homeopaths of our country, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar in 2009 on a worldwide scale where he learned the art of healing congenital diseases like autism, mental retardation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders as well as complicated psychological cases like schizophrenia, OCD etc. which additionally made him a part of various camps, under the initiative ‘Hope for Hopeless’ at Beed, Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai in Maharashtra where underprivileged children suffering from autism, ADHD, mental retardation, congenital heart disease and many more incurable cases were treated free of charge. Apart from the practice of medicine, he was also instrumental in the compilation of Dr. Prafull Vijayakars book, 'Frequent Encounter'.


Having an experience of eight years, Dr. Mohit Malik is one of the youngest and fastest growing homeopaths in Delhi with immense experience, knowledge, and skills to tackle deep-seated diseases. He holds various camps across the country including Delhi in order to serve the people with the best of his abilities.